• Soldier of Fortune March 1996

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Soldier of Fortune March 1996 Vol. 21 No. 3

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Feature Articles:

  • "Task Force Eagle", by Mark Milstein
  • "Prognosis: Pathogens and Politics", by Mike Williams & Dana Sue Honish
  • "Mine..All Mine", by James Pate
  • "Ask Us No Questions, We'll Tell You No Lies", by James Pate
  • "The Way The Escalante Breaks", by John Hogan
  • "Turf, Tragedy and Teamwork'", by Richard Sherrow
  • "View To A Coup", by Mark Milstein
  • "Parabellum In Your Pocket", by Peter Kokalis
  • "Fear & Loading In Las Vegas", by SOF Staff
  • "Rolaids, Rangers, Risers & Rucksacks", by John Whittaker


Soldier of Fortune March 1996

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